Adult Day Services

Rainbow Industries

Rainbow Industries is an adult development day treatment (ADDT) service center for adults 18 years and older. Its purpose is to assist individuals to reach their highest potential of independence. Activities include paper recycling, community involvement, domestic skills, leisure time, money management, and socialization. For more information please contact Rainbow Industries at 870-722-1251.


ROC Enterprises

Located in Hope since 1976, the ROC Workforce Training Center is a program which offers an extensive assortment of work and work training options for individuals with intellectual disabilities, along with a variety of services to the community. These services include: The Melon Patch restaurant, Recycling Center, Bargain Center, and sub-contract work for major manufacturing and production companies.

ROC Workforce Training Center works in conjunction with other service-oriented organizations such as Arkansas Rehabilitation Services and the Department of Transportation (DOT), in order to meet all potential needs of those served.  The ultimate goal of this service is to provide those served with the skills necessary for self-supporting employment in the community.  Our success stories are limitless, as the entire Hope community has assisted us to ensure employees previously served by this program have successfully maintained such employment over the past 30 years.


Prescott Recycling Center

Located in Prescott, offers work and work training options for individuals with intellectual disabilities, along with a variety of services to the community. These services include recycling and contract work for major manufacturing and production companies.

Rainbow Industries Gifts

Rainbow Industries makes gift baskets for all occasions. Their motto is “Special Gifts made by Special People!” From birthdays to holidays or any celebration, a specialty basket may be created to fit any theme. Ask about the new fruit, vegetable or candy arrangements. Simply call (870) 722-1255 or 722-1254 and place your order today!

The Melon Patch

The Melon Patch Restaurant is a delightful place to have lunch in downtown Hope.  It’s a favorite of the “locals” and is known for good down-home cookin’.  A great hamburger and sweet ice tea is hard to beat.  Hours are from 11:00 a.m. ’til 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  For more information call 870-777-8802. Take-out orders are welcomed!


Our recycling center has developed into one of our most successful enterprises.  We employ approximately 20 persons and provide a very useful service for the community.  Two trucks are in the Hope area daily and one in Prescott to pick up paper items, primarily cardboard boxes.  It is then taken to our center behind the workshop where our state of the art compacting machines do the rest of the work.

ROC’N Reruns

The Bargain Center offers a wide variety of “new-to-you” merchandise.  Clothes for adults and children, kitchen items, furniture and books are just a few items that can be found at a bargain price.  Open Monday through Friday 8:30-4:00 and located next to the Melon Patch Restaurant at 104 South Elm in Hope.