What We Do

ROC/OH/PNC provides a wide array of services for persons who have developmental disabilities in southwest Arkansas. We place emphasis on services that will help each person achieve the highest degree of personal independence. We are committed to implementing a safer, healthier, happier, more independent lifestyle for individuals having special needs.

Our program is governed by a board of directors made up of dedicated volunteers who share a vital interest in the community and its citizens.

Our mission at ROC/OH/PNC maximizes a unique team approach to provide ethical and safe supports in accomplishing our mission of ‘Discovering opportunities that inspire lives…whatever it takes’.

We strive to accomplish this mission by :

  • Providing an individualized approach to serve even the most challenging individuals.
  • Giving all individuals acceptance, affection, attention, dignity, and respect.
  • Including individuals, families, and community in the planning, operating, and evaluation of our program.
  • Offering choices to individuals and families for appropriate life experiences.
  • Advocating for independence, opportunities, and rights of all individuals.
  • Striving for excellence in all aspects of our program.

If you or someone you know might need our services, please contact us at 870-777-4501 to schedule an appointment.