Contact Us

For additional information about the services that Rainbow of Challenges, Inc. offers, or for employment opportunities with our organization, please contact one of the following individuals

Judy Watson, Chief Executive Officer: 870-777-4501 or

Teresa Porter, Chief Financial Officer, 870-777-4501 or

Jennifer Block, Vice President of Innovation and Development: 870-722-1236 or

Brenda Brantley, Special Projects: 870-722-1251 or

Kris Stewart, Vice President of Adult Services/QMRP Director: 870-722-1261 or

Karri Whitten, Vice President of Children Services: 870-703-1665 or

Scotty Powell, Compliance Officer: 870-722-1221 or

Regina Sooter, Human Resources Manager: 870-722-1229 or

Administration Office: 870-777-4501

Administration Fax: 870-777-8618