Adult Residential

Assisted Living Homes

The Rainbow of Challenges residential program operates on a 12-month schedule, 24-hours per day, seven days per week, providing for individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities.

Group Homes

Men or women, 18 years or older, are served in four attractive homes. Each home conveys a comfortable and warm feeling. This is a transitional period, usually the first time that these individuals have been separated from their own homes and families. Independence and choices are encouraged as they take a new direction in life.

Omega Home is a 10-bed ICF/MR home providing 24-hour personal care, active treatment, daily living skills training, and medical assistance. This home is designed specifically to maintain life/safety codes and accommodates individuals with very special needs.

Hilltop Place is an eight-bed facility that offers more of an independent type lifestyle to its male residents. While a house manager is always on duty, the daily responsibilities are assigned and completed by the residents.

South Park Place serves 12 residents. While continually striving for independence, the residents have goals and responsibilities directed towards upkeep and care of the facility.

North Town Square is an eight-bed home for moderate to high functioning women. Independence and achieving set goals are a high priority here. Again, each resident is responsible for a set of daily duties including cooking and cleaning.

All group homes have bedrooms and bathrooms with accommodations for both ambulatory and non-ambulatory (mobile in wheelchairs) residents. Personal aides for individuals needing assistance are provided.

Apartment Living

Parkview Apartments provides living services for 24-25 individuals. There are 23 one-bedroom apartments and one, two-bedroom apartment. Five of the apartments are accessible to individuals requiring wheelchairs. The complex offers a higher level of independence while maintaining a strong support system on the premises.