Rainbow Junction

Empower Supports & Productions

This program (located in the Caddo Valley area of Arkadelphia) offers a vast array of supports to include; the Rainbow Junction day services habilitation program, specialty shop, production plant, Medicaid Waiver services, and the Project Empowerment home-ownership program. In the near future, it will house a developmental disabilities (DD) family education and resource center as well. As do all of our programs, individuals with developmental disabilities are provided the opportunity to choose the specific level, type, and combination of supports they wish to receive, based on their individual needs, hopes and desires.

All programs that encompass EMPOWER Supports & Productions were created and implemented with the Arkadelphia Human Development Center (ARHDC) and the Arkansas Governor’s Council for Developmental Disabilities (DDC). This arrangement is unique within a service delivery system that has historically created lines separating community and residential lines. We believe that the best possible support is that which offers the largest variety of services to those with DD. Rainbow of Challenges strives to do “Whatever it Takes” to continually expound the quality of its services…and always will.