Rashawnda Young

Rashawnda Young has been with Making Rainbows since 2013 and with her infectious smile and soft voice it’s easy to understand why she is such a deserving DSP. She works with children at a very critical age between three and five-years-old.

“It was just the passion of working with children,” she says of what led her to apply for a childcare position. “It’s just not a job to me. I feel it’s my destiny.”

She knows each child is different and they learn at different levels and at a different pace. “Some children learn visually, some by hands-on learning, so you have to multi-task around the classroom. It’s almost like a puzzle. I try to move around the classroom and see what works for that child.”

The teaching with a particular class doesn’t end after they move up to the next level. “When my kids move to the graduation class, I will ask the other teachers how they are doing and maybe share some tips that worked for me and help them progress and go farther,” she notes.

Chaos can sometimes reign with the children, but Young has the ability to identify what may be triggering their behavior. “As they come into my presence, I want them to come into a loving environment, a caring environment and welcome them to meet their needs,” she says.

Young knows at the end of the school year, she has put all of her energy and dedication out for her children. “It’s such a privilege,” she states. “If they only get one thing from me, maybe even learning to count from one to ten, it’s an achievement not only for them, but for me too. It was a goal we accomplished together.”