Officials at Rainbow of Challenges are proud to introduce the SkyROCit, Inc. foster care program. SkyROCit (pronounced “skyrocket”) is one of seven programs across the state to contract with the Arkansas Department of Human Services for foster specialized care services.

SkyROCit will recruit area families interested in opening their homes to children and youth with developmental and intellectual disabilities. SkyROCit has taken the challenge to ensure qualified foster families are specifically trained to provide a loving environment for children in need. The program will operate as a sister agency to ROC, working alongside the Hope-based organization in every aspect in reaching goals and objectives.

Nationally, more than one-third of the 500,000 U.S. children in foster care are touched with a developmental disability.

The Arkansas Department of Human Services reports that there are approximately 1,200 foster parents providing care for an average of 4,000 children at any given time. Those numbers translate into approximately 1,300 children in Arkansas foster care that have some form of disability.

Because the need is so great and ROC has the specialized training and positive historical perspective of providing care for children and adults with developmental disabilities is the impetus behind the new program.

It is the goal of SkyROCit to provide a safe and stable home for Arkansas children while also providing a rewarding experience for those families who foster them.

“We are excited about the opportunity to contract with DHS to provide foster care for kids with developmental disabilities and other special needs,” stated Rainbow of Challenges’ CEO Judy Watson. “Foster families for this population of kids is a real need across the state.  With the number of kids in the foster care system and being able to identify families that have the heart to take the special needs population into their homes, we felt that it was a win/win for everyone.”

“This opportunity through the State’s vision to address the need of specialized foster programs is motivating and we are ready to help bring continuity of services to these incredible children and youth that get lost in the system,” said Jennifer Merkey Block, Vice President of ROC Children’s Services.

Rainbow of Challenges, Inc. administers a wide array of services for persons who have developmental disabilities in Southwest Arkansas. Emphasis is placed on services that help each person achieve the highest degree of personal independence. Rainbow of Challenges, Inc. is committed to implementing a safer, healthier, happier, more independent lifestyle for individuals having special needs.

Interested in learning more about this program or our services? Contact SkyROCit at 870-722-1236 or 870-777-4501.