ROC Recycling – Turning Trash Into Treasure – Newspapers Needed


The next time you are in a local McDonald’s restaurant, remember the napkins used were once discarded newspapers recycled by Rainbow of Challenges’ clients.

The same can be said for many other paper products purchased locally such as Sparkle and Mardi Gras brand paper towels, Vanity Fair napkins, and Angel Soft tissue.

The newspapers and cardboard collected from the area as trash can be transformed into a wide range of paper products and provide a “treasure” in the form of wages paid to ROC clients who handle and process the materials.

There has been a shortage of some recyclables, namely newspapers, magazines and office paper at the ROC Recycling Center, but it is an easy problem to correct.

The public can start the process by taking their discarded paper products directly to ROC Enterprises Recycling Center on Elm Street in Hope or Rainbow Industries located on Laurel Street.

Businesses, churches and schools may also participate as a large volume of paper and cardboard are collected daily through free pick-up services provided by ROC Enterprises. To set up collection services simply contact Kris Burns ROC Workforce Coordinator at 870-722-1276.

It is a win-win proposition as those who bring in newspapers reduce their household and business waste while the individuals at ROC reap the benefits of the pay they receive on the volume of recyclables they handle.

“Newspapers are a big commodity for our individuals,” said Krystal Goshen, Day Services Coordinator at ROC. “It allows our individuals to make their own money and that in turn allows them to give back to the community by them shopping and spending their money locally.”

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