Pictured are Vickers Fuqua, President of Herndon-Fuqua Funeral Home in Hope, Rainbow of Challenges’ CEO Judy Watson, Herndon-Fuqua Hope Director Scott Brown, and Chief Operating Officer Fred Meisenheimer upon presenting a monetary donation to ROC. The local funeral home chose ROC to make a donation for each service conducted in the name of the families served. In recognition of the ROC’s 50th Anniversary, Herndon-Fuqua will make an additional $1,000 donation. Herndon Funeral Home began serving the local community in 1899 and after many years of serving the Hope, Prescott, and Gurdon communities, the business was sold to the Fuqua family of Texarkana Funeral Homes. The partnership joined together two recognized area families serving the funeral needs of many. Texarkana Funeral Homes was started in 1939 and currently owns and operates three funeral homes in Texarkana, one in New Boston, Texas, and another in DeKalb, Texas. The ROC family is greatly appreciative of being recognized and receiving the generous donations.